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ビジネススクール、語学学校、海外取引を行う人材の育成、階層別実用国際ビジネススキル開発研修、 海外向けウェブサイト、パンフレットなどの作成支援、翻訳および校正を行っております。

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Fulfilling our duty as a responsible and innovative organization

At Stella Innovations Co., Ltd., we have the vision of becoming a leading company engaged in supporting the local and national companies who have a vision of becoming global leaders. Furthermore, we aim to grow as a genuine language, translation, proofreading business and human resources management solution consultancy firm capable of rationally solving the diverse problems of companies facing the need for global, professional and independent workers.

As a group of professionals dedicated to further developing our technical capability based on our own initiative and responsibility to increase the added value of our work, we strive to identify every fine detail of our clients’ needs so that we can propose the best solutions.

What we call the “5Cs – Communication, Confidence, Charisma, Challenge and Change” means this pursuit of achieving our corporate vision.

With this challenging spirit, we are determined to make a vital contribution to the development of truly professional and global people by empowering them with our 5Cs.

We are currently looking for human resources to join our team and together, shoulder the future of Stella as a leading educational consultancy and translation firm.

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Jobs at Stella

Stella is Looking for New Stars!

Stella Innovations is looking for professional and passionate individuals to become part of our team offering unparalleled customized service to our clients in the education, translation / proofreading and business consulting fields.

A Stella Educational Consultant is:

- A career educator with a passion for instructing others.

- Someone with an experienced language teaching background

- Someone with a native-level command of English, or the language they will be teaching

- Someone with an ability and desire to go beyond the text and explore the language and satisfy the real needs of the trainees.

- Someone with a long term plan to stay in Japan

- Someone with a truly global perspective

- Someone who respects others and respects themselves

A Stella Translator / Proofreader is:

- Someone who has exceptional grammatical and writing skill

- Someone with excellent research skills

- Someone with good time management and who understands the importance of meeting deadlines

- Someone who is communicative and proactive when dealing with challenges

- Someone who strives to go beyond the client’s expectations of excellence and creativity but at the same time understands the importance of retaining the client’s own originality and vision

What does Stella Innovations promise its employees?

- Honest and open communication right from the beginning

- A dynamic, rewarding and supportive working environment

- Respect for your financial, professional and emotional needs

Rewards are what drive us all, whether they are financial, professional or emotional.

Stella Innovations employee remuneration is primarily based on the size and nature of each project to ensure a mutual and fair benefit for the Company and our team members, as well as ensuring the most optimized payment possible that is reflective of an individual’s efforts and the difficulty of the project. In general, however, our current base remuneration pyramid for our educational consultants begins at ¥3,000 per 50 min and peeks at¥6,000 as a project-based contract / part time employee. Wage remuneration evaluations are conducted yearly and are based on Company, employee and client feedback.

If you would like to join our team of education, translating / proofreading or business consultants, or would like more information about our upcoming projects, please click the link below and fill in your details on our website, including a short introduction in the inquiry content box.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Stella Innovations’ HR Team