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Healthcare Industry

Inbound support for medical and dental facilities.

Practical courses that empower and enable through "learning skills in a foreign language" instead of "learning a foreign language”.

With the recent increase in the number of tourists and foreign residents visiting Japan, the required language skills have diversified from simple hospitality conversations for tourists to more polite, detailed, and prompt responses in foreign languages at medical facilities. Furthermore, this phenomenon is not limited to large cities and tourist attractions; the number of foreign patients is also increasing in rural areas. However, the safety net is in fact fragile, and medical facilities have not yet developed an environment conducive to accepting and serving foreign patients. Few medical facilities can confidently accept foreign-language speakers, and this is a major challenge for Japan as it moves forward with inbound tourism and new immigration policies. There are not many schools or educational institutions that offer courses and seminars that meet the specific needs for medical facilities. Stella Innovations was one of the first to recognize this need, and we are using our experience and know-how to provide professional and practical learning opportunities for those working in the medical field.

Our solutions for healthcare facilities 

Practical English conversation course in general dentistry for dentists (31 sessions): general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics

1-day practical dental English seminar for dental clinics: front desk staff training, welcoming new patients, patient history interviews, and cross-culture training

Editing and correction of foreign language papers for journals, conferences and speeches

Lectures at dental hygienist schools

(In person or online)

Practical medical English course

Practical nursing English course

Translation and multilingualization of clinic procedural documents 

Translation and multilingualization

of clinic websites



  • Experience in working and lecturing at universities, graduate schools, and vocational schools throughout Japan.

  • Experience in developing and conducting medical clinic courses, seminars, and private lessons for doctors.

  • Created original and medical related materials and incorporated them into our courses.

  • Courses emphasize on practice rather than just passive learning, allowing students to immediately put their skills to use.

  • Our multilingual staff gives you the opportunity to learn about the differences in culture and customs at the same time.

  • We have a multilingual translation team available to help you with translations of procedural documents.

  • Our trainers, who have experience as university lecturers, are always available to support and mentor young and new lecturers.

  • We have established strict criteria for hiring qualified and competent instructors, lecturers and trainers.



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How we helped our clients (Achievements) 


旭金属 Asahi Kinzoku Metal
Toyota tsusho 豊通
toyotsu syscom


関市 通訳ガイド Tour Guide
KGS Kitagawa 北川工業
丸善雄松堂 Maruzen book store
meicom 名鉄コム
名鉄バス Meitetsu


朝日大学 Asahi university
NUE 名古屋経済大学 経済学
岐阜大学 university of Gifu
meikai university
dental clinic


dental office
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