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Educational Institutions

Based in Nagoya, Stella Innovations provides business English and business skills training for major companies, small or medium-sized enterprises, universities and graduate schools. We also offer a one-stop-shop business support, consulting, and interpreter / translation services for companies that engage in business overseas. Stella Business & Management School programs specialize in practical training. Our courses have received high praise and satisfaction from companies and students across many different fields, and cover a wide variety of business essentials, including: international business development, leadership training for executives, cross-culture, presentations, negotiation, and online meeting participation.

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We are Supporting Universities Meet the Demands of the Future

As outlined in the project, “Comprehensive Support Project for Reform of Private Universities”, led by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, private school reforms are now aiming beyond academic ability. New reforms are meeting the demands of a global society, aiming to enhance broader competencies, strengths and roles. Above all, there is a mission to increase the number of universities that actively promote for the following four goals.

  1. Development of distinctive education to achieve the " Society 5.0 "

  2. Development of distinctive advanced research

  3. Contribution to the local community

  4. Promotion of social implementation

To achieve goals 3. and 4., it is essential to strengthen efforts towards greater global cooperation and joint research between universities, with local governments and with industry. In addition, due to the rapid transformation of company structure and processes, universities must develop human resources who can respond to and thrive in new and global environments amid a rapidly changing society, that is, human resources who have a greater "power of execution" and "innovation" to create new goods and services. Progress towards this goal has already been made with the opening of professional and vocational universities / colleges in 2019 that emphasize practical and vocational education and nurture future professionals through close cooperation with industries.

At Stella We Offer Practical and
High-quality Educational Services 

Team Meeting

We are cooperating with  institutions

to  contribute to the local community

and ensure their  globalization

initiatives are a success!

Stella Innovations is ready to assist universities and education institutions by introducing "state-of-the-art practical international business skills" into the curriculum. And with the know-how acquired through many successful training projects in various companies and across many different fields in Japan, Stella Innovations understands well what modern companies expect from students after graduation.

The Stella Innovations team is made up of bilingual instructors with abundant experience, various business backgrounds, and the right training to ensure the successful dispatch to your university. Foreign consultants and interpreters are also available. In addition, our bilingual staff is always there to listen, understand and communicate your changing needs to the instructors, as well as offer solutions. We can also provide total support for all of the steps required for university internationalization, including document preparation, human resource development, and student support.

What Is Necessary for the Globalization Of Universities and the Improvement of the Institution's International Environment?

Here is an example of the steps required for university globalization. We provide comprehensive support

necessary for internationalization, from consulting, to foreign language training, cross-cultural understanding and

education, translation and interpretation.

  • Formulation of a Globalization Policy

It is important to determine the university's globalization policy and make an implementation plan for foreign language education in curricula, increase the number of foreign instructors with comprehensive and careful recruitment, implement cross-cultural education for staff, and initiate and formally establish collaborations with overseas universities.


  • Recruiting Qualified Foreign Teachers

Increasing the ratio of foreign instructors is an important factor in responding to the globalization of universities and to current social needs. It is necessary to hire and educate human resources who understand the current and future goals of Japanese education, and Japanese business culture. Likewise having teachers with the right personal qualities and communication skills is essential.


  • Creating a Foreign Language Education Program to Meets Social Needs

It is important to improve the basic English proficiency needed by students after graduation that will allow them to be active and effective members of a global society. To realize this goal there must be a curriculum that can develop practical English proficiency, improve cross-cultural understanding, and cultivate global business awareness and  skills.

  • Cross-cultural Understanding Education For Staff

The understanding of the staff is indispensable for the globalization of the university. In order to respond to the increase in foreign lecturers and international students and to activate exchanges with overseas universities, understanding of the globalization policy and of the different cultures by staff are the first steps.


  • Establishing Collaboration Agreements With Overseas Universities

By collaborating with overseas universities, international cultural and academic exchanges between students and faculty members will become possible and enhance the academic and social reputation of institution. For the successful realization of such agreements, it is important to understand clearly the needs and goals of each university with the smooth facilitation of an exchange of opinions and ideas, negotiate a win-win alliance  and finally prepare comprehensive and accurate documentation to officiate the collaboration agreement.

Office Group Discussion

Stella's Language Services

for Educational Institutions

Based on the university's field of specialization and educational philosophy, we propose an education program that meets the needs of their needs, and assign an experienced lecturer with the right expertise to provide the training.

Based on our experience in providing language training and business training at companies in Japan and abroad, we propose a curriculum that aims to improve students' overall 

communication skills, including language skills and cross-cultural training, which are necessary for graduates to become global human resources required by modern society.

In addition to regular lectures, we provide total support from planning to implementation of special summer and winter courses, intensive lectures, courses for working adults, demonstration classes at open campuses for high school students, and English conversation and study support rooms.

Stella's Solutions

for Educational Institutions

1. Recruitment / education of foreign instructors and lectures

2. Background survey when hiring foreign staff

3. Development of a practical language and internationalization education curriculum that incorporates contemporary and up-to-date  know-how

4. Summer / winter intensive courses, planning of open campuses

5. Planning and curriculum development of open-to-the-public lectures, seminars and courses for working adults

6. Planning and curriculum development of industry-academia R&D collaboration courses

7. Translation and proofreading of public relations materials (website, brochures, etc.)

8. Translation and proofreading of academic papers and academic agreements with overseas universities

9. Consulting and preparation of manuals for improving the global environment of the university

10.  Providing a place of internship for international students 

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How we helped our clients (Achievements)


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  • We have experience working with numerous universities across Japan

  • We have an excellent awareness of the level and needs of university students

  • We fully comply with the rules and regulations of the universities

  • We evaluate the performance of courses and trainers periodically

  • We create more practical courses that meet the needs of the Ministry of Education

  • We follow a strict criteria in order to acquire qualified teachers


  • Significant savings in costs and effort in recruiting and managing foreign staff.

  • Can maximize the cost-effectiveness of the quality and completion of tasks

  • Reduce excess staffing 

  • Allows you to test new classes and services for the students

  • Frees up staff to focus on their core mission

  • Ensures more business continuity and better risk management

  • Decreases language barriers and improves communication

  • Improve the quality and expertise of education and accumulate know-how

  • Improves student satisfaction and enables a smooth management of foreign lecturers

  • Long-term security of having competent and well-trained language trainers


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